The Haberdash Brings Men’s Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show to the Great American Music Hall

On Tuesday, The Bold Italic partnered with San Francisco’s Artful Gentleman, a bespoke suit-maker, for their annual The Haberdash. The event, billed as a celebration of men’s style and music, took place at the grandiose Great American Music Hall and featured a Ploom e-cig vaporizing lounge, SnapYourself photo booth and live music by Brooklyn folk band Woods.

Curated by Jake Wall, the fashion show portion of the evening had “everyday” male models in outfits by local boutiques and apparel and accessories designers including Welcome Stranger, Elder & Pine, SomNoir, Motley Goods, Thread Council, and Justin Jamison.


The models getting ready backstage.


SFBG editor Marke B. struts out wearing a look from Hayes Valley boutique, Welcome Stranger.


Model in Derrick Castle-designed tee for Thread Council and sporting a backpack by Motley Goods.


Artful Gentleman suit.

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Local poet Brontez Purcell hits the runway in Mollusk Surf Shop parka.


Woods performed at the end of the night.


We performed as well, but for the SnapYourself photo booth.



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Sorry Ploom, but the e-pipe is way more stylish.

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Event photos: Isla Bell Murray for The Bold Italic

Photo booth photos: SnapYourself

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