Alexander Zhukovsky’s 21st Century Bubble Bath

I bet you’ve never taken this type of “bubble bath.” Designer Alexander Zhukovsky has created a one-of-a-kind, suspended bathtub experience perfect for exhibitionists. I mean, who else would take a bath in the living room?

The orb fills up from the top so it works as a shower as well. Bathers inside the capsule can control the temperature inside, the lights and the sound to create a very personalized experience. This bold bathing sphere design is still just a concept but I can see it becoming popular in modern nightclubs in Miami or Las Vegas or for very special experiential marketing initiatives.

It’s totally something that would have been perfect for the cover of Wet, the avant-garde 70s gourmet bathing magazine that has since folded.

Oscar Raymundo
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  • Helo and thank you I would like to know the price of your bubble bath tub you have displayed on your website. Thank you

    • Hi there – the tub is just a concept, so I don’t think it’s for sale (or even has a price).

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