Miami Travelogue: More Awesome Hotels Worth Adding to Your Dream Itinerary


Immediately after we arrived for our vacation in Miami, it became evident that five days and four nights was not going to be enough time to experience everything the steamy nightlife mecca had to offer. Here are three hotels I wanted to check out while in town but didn’t get a chance to. These places leftover from my dream are certainly giving me a reason to go back to Miami.

Standard Spa Miami Beach: Because this property is located in an island connecting Miami Beach with downtown Miami, it is one of the only places where you can catch a magnificent sunset on the East coast. While I was in town, the Standard hosted a bunch of Swim Week events, including a “Not Your Standard Karaoke” party sponsored by Linda Farrow, Pavan Liqueur and Perrier.

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The Freehand: This new hostel for hipsters is garnering quite the buzz among young travelers. For Swim Week, the hotel had a pool party featuring Chromat swimwear, a synchronized swimming routine and a wine selection curated by the folks at WineAwesomeness. The Freehand proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get a fun, hip boutique stay experience.


Lords South Beach: Straight-friendly resort in South Beach, what else can be said?

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