Miami Travelogue: South Beach Sunbathing at the James Royal Palm Hotel


After spending two nights in Downtown Miami, Denys and I migrated to South Beach, right on Collins Avenue, to explore that part of the city, check out Miami’s infamous beach scene and spend the rest of our vacation at The James Royal Palm. If you’re going to stay in Miami Beach, it’s really worth it to choose a hotel that has beachfront access so that you can just skip to the white sand and crystalline waters and have the option of relaxing in a plushy lounge chair (if you pay the resort fee, that is).

The James Royal Palm was recently redesigned by Lauren Rottet and falls perfectly in line with the current modern aesthetic, forgoing the gaudy for a more welcoming, contemporary vibe.  With it’s white walls, open-air spaces and of-the-moment decorative touches, this boutique hotel actually reminded me of the lobby of the SFMOMA. The talented folks at Rottet Studio did a great job with cool, effortless restraint and proved that you can show off without having it look like you tried too hard. The James Royal Palm is the epitome of unpretentious luxury.

It’s no surprise that The James brand also has hotels in New York City and Chicago, two bastions of American modern design.


Beyond the lobby, guests are welcomed by a great open space resembling a modern art gallery and a statement wooden staircase leading to the casual dining restaurant on the second floor, Florida Cookery.

photo 1IMG_9201IMG_9127

We stayed at in a one-bedroom studio. Much of hotel’s decor, even in the bedrooms, incorporates of-the-moment signature details, like these pillows made out to look like computer keyboard keys.


The king-sized bed, simple but effective.


The first time I’d ever seen and worn a hooded bathrobe. My life, and my ever-lasting desire to become a ninja, will never be the same.


On the way past the lobby, we walked by a courtyard leading to an outpost of the Florida Cookery restaurant, appropriately named Florida Cookery Patio (FCP).


The FCP serves fresh, local Florida-style casual dishes like the Lime Grilled Chicken sandwich with avocado, fennel, arugula and provolone cheese on a hoagie roll. This patio restaurant was a great place to enjoy the Miami climate without melting under the sun. As seen in the photo, it’s perfect for boyfriends and for babies alike!


The FCP also serves food and drinks to the guests who are lounging by the pool.


IMG_9170 photo 2 IMG_9188

There is also a secret pool.


But spending an entire day relaxing under the gentle early evening sun, swimming in intimate pools, eating tasty sandwiches and chillin’ in suspended rocking chairs doesn’t mean Denys can’t get grouchy every now and then. He hates it here!


Past the pool, there is this beach.


Where the water ebbs and flows under the shining sun to look like crystalline jell-o. We swam out until the water reached the top of our necks and we could still see our toes, burrowing our dwelling in the sand.


The area designated for guests staying at The James Royal Palm is marked by the orange umbrellas. Another nice touch that makes a vibrant statement against the cool blue sky in South Beach.

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Save us! We’re having the time of our lives!

photo 62d949ccf7b311e2997822000a1fd57c_7

He’s happy now!

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