Miami Travelogue: Wildfox Fashion Show at Soho Beach House with Sight of Kardashian

Shortly after landing in Miami we realized that we were in town just in time for Mercedes Benz Swim Week, a summertime fashion week but for bikini couture, clothing and accessories you can only fathom wearing on a Mediterranean cruise or Tom Ford’s private yacht.

Denys and I have an ongoing joke inspired by one of Carrie Bradshaw’s lines in the Sex and the City movie. It’s when she goes to that fashion show and makes a stupid comment about “feeling like herself again.” Which is just such a ridiculous thing to say while sitting front row at a haute couture show…

Anyway, wanting to live out our joke poking fun at Carrie’s deluded existence, I made some calls to see which Swim Week fashion show would make the most exciting addition to our travel itinerary. The only one that really stood out was Wildfox, the super chic brand based out of Los Angeles, who had their show poolside at the Soho Beach House. Apparently, it was also the only show that appealed to Kourtney Kardashian ’cause bitch was there. It’s true what they say, you can’t spend more than a couple of hours in Miami Beach without running into a Kardashian

Kourtney was wearing a vintage Versace Betty Boop dress and sitting next to Scott Disick, whom I think is actually really clever in how he handles the Kardashian celebrity black hole (NOT THAT I WATCH THOSE TYPES OF SHOWS).

Back to fashion show! It was 70’s funky fresh, Jerry Hall in her heyday. Watching gorgeous female models strutting the makeshift runway built atop the pool wearing bikinis the size of baby bibs, Denys and I “finally felt like ourselves again.”

After the show, we went to the bar at the Soho Beach House’s courtyard restaurant Cecconi’s. Kourtney and Scott followed us and got so close that we could have tossed a peanut and made it inside their mouths. Cecconi’s was beautiful. With so much of Miami’s atmospheric design being influenced by Versace gaudy or art deco or both, it was so relaxing to sip some drinks in a garden Inspired by Venetian romance, twinkling at night.

Feeling adventurous, Denys and I then snuck up to the Soho Beach House’s Club Bar on the second floor where I quickly spotted Irma Martinez, Latina stylist to the stars. I wanted to say hi, but she seemed distracted by a very handsome gentleman. Get it, girl.

I wish I had more more pics but photography is not really allowed at the Soho Beach House as they really value their guests’ privacy. You can see photos of Kourtney and her dress over at WorldRedEye.

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