When Icons Collide: Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Duets Coming Soon

Three decades after being recorded, duets featuring the King of Pop and Queen’s lead singer are set to surface later this year. Talk about getting the musical royal treatment.

Mercury’s former Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor have revealed that there are several unfinished Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson duets they will be working on and releasing to the public in two months.

The three songs were products of a short-lived collaboration between two of pop’s biggest icons in 1983. The recording session lasted only six hours before Mercury grew tired of Jackson’s hijinks (like bringing a llama to the studio). Divas…

Trip-pop producer William Orbit, the musical mastermind whose worked with Madonna and Blur, has been brought on to help finesse the tracks into contemporary pop standards.

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  • Michael Taggart Photography

    Wow – that could be cool!!!!!
    I can see that the Llama would be a bit much when you are trying to work.

  • I think Michael was just trying to push his buttons :PAnd they were both so stubborn that they never recanted.

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