Florence Welch Is Up All Night to ‘Get Lucky’

Florence Welch, best known as the bewitching singer of Florence and the Machine, enjoyed several rounds of tequila shots at a London bar this weekend. Welch attended an intimate summer party concert by Sourberry, a five piece UK band that’s so little known it puts out “for anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate bashes, private parties, proms, weddings and anything in between.”
The party was off to a good start with everyone including Florence getting hammered when the unthinkable happened: Florence confused the summer bash for a night at the Mint and got the urge to sing onstage. So with full tequila shot glass in hand, she went into the most awesome drunk karaoke performance ever. The singer covered “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and “Standing in the Way of Control” by The Gossip.

The best part is at the 1:08 mark, when Florence wails her signature howl (albeit off key), triumphantly shoots her tequila and then tosses the glass like a true hot mess rock star. Watch the full video below.


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