You’re Still in the Running Towards Becoming America’s Most Original Stoli Guy…

The last month has been pretty hectic working at GayCities, and it’s about to get even crazier cool. My company partnered with Stoli to recruit the next generation of Stoli Guys, dudes all over the country that would act as their local LGBT ambassadors. But this is not your typical model search, oh no. The Most Original Stoli Guy is passionate, genuine and one-of-a-kind. We’re looking for guys with good character, outstanding talent and commitment to go beyond being just another pretty face in the crowd.

The national winner gets to appear in an Andrew Christian video, so I guess they have to be comfortable wearing nothing but a repurposed eye patch…

“Let’s shift this to full throttle, buy me a Stoli bottle, tonight we going home…. with Andrew Christian models.”

The body paint look of the campaign was inspired by this year’s Stoli brand theme, burst of color. My friend and graphic designer extraordinaire Preston turned this awesome Gabriel Gastelum photo of Doug King into the type of masterpiece that fits into the zeitgeist’s body paint obsession. Mika, Adam Levine, Colby Melvin and Parker Hurley (the last two were taken by Gastelum as well) are all getting into the body paint trend.


Andrew Christian gets more than what he can handle…

We started the search for The Most Original Stoli Guy in Vegas during the Matinee Festival back in May. The Rumor Boutique Hotel gave us our own Stoli Guy so that we could invite guys for a Stoli cocktail, take their photos and have them fill out an application. And we made a video! See that body paint? Yup, my creative work on display. You can say I was the Keith Haring to Matt Simmons’ Grace Jones (He just won Mr. Gay USA!)

I’ll be your Keith Haring, you be my Grace Jones.

After Vegas my full-time job was to go through the hundreds of applications that we received online and at local bar recruitments across the country. No complaints obviously. And I’m very proud to say that we’ve found some great contestants – aerial acrobats, fire breathers, actors, nuclear physicists!

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 10.28.27 AM

“Here at GayCities, we encourage you to spend 8 hours a day looking at photos of hot guys…”

Next up, we’re going to Los Angeles and Denver, then Miami, Philadelphia, Saugatuck, New York, D.C., Asbury Park, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas. Three-hour Stoli open bars all summer! It’s my goal to have a musical guest perform at all these events to support gay (or gay-friendly indie artists) in all these cities. Free cocktails, boys in body paint, live music? What more can you ask for?


RSVP on GayCities to get on the guest list.

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