Adastra Superyacht by John Shuttleworth Takes to the High Seas

When John Shuttleworth unveiled a rendered prototype of the Adastra Superyacht a few years ago, the winged vessel seemed way too fantastic to ever be true. Well, finally the fantasy has become a reality. The Adastra is currently cruising the open seas. Looking at the recent photos, it seems like the Shuttleworth design team stuck pretty closely to the original prototype’s futuristic design and aerodynamic efficiency. The Adastra is the ultimate wet dream vessel for Bruce Wayne-types.

The Coolist concludes:

This 140-foot trimaran yacht features an aerodynamic shape and a pair of water-anchored flying wings to cruise smoothly and efficiently. At its economically-optimal cruising speed of 10.5 knots, the Adastra can consume as little as 4.4 gallons of fuel per hour.  For a 15 passenger vessel (6 crew, 9 guest), that’s an incredible level of efficiency and it is all thanks to its futuristic aero/hydrodynamic design.  John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs pushed the envelope in the ship’s architecture, interior and performance, creating one of the most remarkable leisure vessels built in recent years.

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