Travelers Guided by Bristol Street Lamps

The Hello Lamp Post! project in Bristol, UK is using existing identification codes on public objects like lamp posts and bus stops to make them more interactive. Travelers will be able to have a “conversation” with the objects by texting a special code that will unlock stories from different parts of Bristol. The project is expected to drive tourism into exciting new avenues, helping people discover hidden gems in the city. The project won Bristol’s 2013 Playable City Award.

The Hello Lamp Post! website states:

Lamp posts, bus stops and post boxes are the goosebumps of the city and so ubiquitous that they have become invisible. The ‘smart city’ approach is to augment them with technologies like digital displays, but Hello Lamp Post will make them playable, using existing city infrastructure to make an open, hospitable and playful experience which encourages you to notice and interact with what is around you.

Oscar Raymundo
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