Spanish Promoters Let Fans Pay What They Want For Live Show

Concerts are a way for music lovers to show their appreciation of a hard-working band and for musicians to make more money in the depreciative music industry.

However as demand for music shows surges, ticket prices have escalated considerably, and now fans can’t always afford to see all the bands they love. So Spanish promoters Caravana de Emerxencia are disrupting the Live Nation/Ticketmaster empire by putting on a concert where attendees decide the price of the ticket when they leave.

High ticket prices can sometimes leave fans disgruntled when a concert doesn’t meet their expectations, so could this new enterprise provide a model for future events? Bands such as Radiohead have already used the pay-what-you-want model for an album release. Could we see this consumer-led approach spread across the rest of the music industry?

Oscar Raymundo
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