Que Ingenua: Mexican Pop Singer Ximena Sariñara Is Anything But ‘Mediocre’

Latin Grammy nominee and former telenovela child actress Ximena Sariñana escaped me when she first burst onto the Mexican music scene in 2008. Her piano skills and fresh take on jazzy ballads along with a quirky personality made her the Mexican alternative to Norah Jones.

The Guadalajara native’s sold-out shows soon got the attention of American record labels and in 2011 she released her English language debut. The album features more production and Lily Allenesque electro-pop sounds, perhaps influenced by Ximena’s boyfriend Omar Rodríguez-López, guitarist for the Mars Volta.

To me, nothing compares however with her first Spanish single, “Mediocre,” an impassioned ballad about being led on and feeling foolish after a broken heart. Watch Ximena perform the song live.

Oscar Raymundo
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