Did My High School Project Inspire Baz Luhrmann’s New Great Gatsby Film?

Did you know that for a high school project me and my friends made a short movie to prove our grasp of The Great Gatsby? We asked our English teacher to show our video last because we were pretty fucking confident that it would kick ass. And we were right: the class was left speechless.

Being film geeks, we were thoroughly inspired by Moulin Rouge, so it’s obvious that Baz Luhrmann broke into our high school, stole the VHS and replaced me with Leonardo DiCaprio. That bastard!

In our honesty, I’m excited about the new film. The poster art and trailer were released this week. Check ’em out.

After the original teaser used Jay-Z to pump up Lurhmann’s signature anachronism, the newly released trailer above features songs by today’s most current artists.

Beyoncé and André 3000 – “Back to Black”

Lana Del Rey – “Young and Beautiful”

Florence + The Machine – “Over the Love”

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