A Palm Springs Photo Composite to Remember

In February, we all went down to sunny Palm Springs to celebrate JP’s birthday. It was a weekend full of sunbathing, drinking, playing pin the penis on JP’s mouth, Instagramming the fuck out of the Ace Hotel and creepy men following around a casino. As the photo above indicates we were all one smiley, photogenic bunch…

Oh wait… yep, that’s right. Denys and I were egregiously left out of this otherwise flawless group photo. It was probably our fault since we had decided stay at another hotel — the nearby Parker — ’cause we’re too old to be celebrating Coachella in February.

Anywho! Thanks to the power of SF AIDS Foundation and photoshop, I was able to remedy the situation. I went ahead and created new avatars in the SFAF’s interactive Many Shades of Gay campaign so that forever more there will be evidence that Denys and I were in Palm Springs, goddammit!

What do you guys think of our avatars? I do have to admit I got carried away making us way more summer body-ready than we actually were.

Oscar Raymundo
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