Guy Madison

Last week, after declaring Marlon Brando to be the most beautiful man who ever lived, I started thinking about other Hollywood actors who have made our hearts flutter on the silver screen.


Hottest Role: Discovered in the audience at a Lux Radio Theatre broadcast in Hollywood while on liberty from the Coast Guard, Guy Madison’s strikingly handsome looks garnered countless fan letters after his first movie role in 1944. He quickly grew from amateur actor to trained performer after appearing in 85 films, including Till the End of Time, at his yawny prime.

Fun Fact: Madison was actually discovered by legendary gay talent scout Henry Willson, who was taken with the man’s blonde hair and “primed physique.” Willson has garnered our gratitude for beefcake craze of the 1940s and 1950s he helped ignite with not only Madison, but Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter.

Look cautiously at the pics below… two of them are full-frontal! Oh, Guy.

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  • aguywithoutboxers

    For whatever it’s worth, you’ve definitely brought another hot one to my attention! Thank you, sir, for making the first day of spring special! 🙂

    • I’m glad you’re liking these! I really wanted them not to be too obvious. Besides, I don’t really like Ryan Gosling.

  • aguywithoutboxers

    As far as Gosling…I feel the same (I did like him in Remember the Titans). A man with a hairy chest makes me weak in the knees. 🙂

    • He’s a good actor and sure he’s attractive and of course I’d have sex with him if given the chance… but he’s not my dream.

  • Don’t stop this marvellous series too hastily, please & thank you for it.

  • guy madison was the epitome of virility, physique, baritone voice,hairy body. it was always a pleasure viewing him. i agree with the other reader about ryan gosling. i first saw him in the movie ” the notebook”. he constantly had a unpleasant smirk on him and displayed no acting ability. i never cared to see any film he appeared.

  • Just seen ‘ Till the End of Time’ (again) on Talking Pictures with the gorgeous unforgetable Guy Madison.

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