Little Monsters, Madonna and the Media: How Unverified Gossip Made Headline News

The diva death-match of the century is back! And this time, neither party did anything to directly ignite the flames.

This week, we are confronted again with the Madonna versus Lady Gaga paradigm. Gay fans, apparently, don’t have enough gigabytes in their little iMachines to fit both of the women’s bodies of work.

You see, Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” (all of them!) are outraged that Madonna is presenting Anderson Cooper with an award at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 16. How could GLAAD be so insensitive?! Don’t they know that Madonna invented AIDS! The Little Monsters (all of them!) went insofar as to co-write a letter to GLAAD demanding that Madonna admit she has been copying Lady Gaga since 1992 (or something like that). All this, mind you, according to a one-person blog.

The Little Monsters (all of them!) then decided that, instead of sending the letter exclusively to the New York Times or MTV, it’d cause the most impact if they posted it on a totally ridiculous, little, tiny ass “fan” blog called Little Monster Art Pop – which has now been deleted.

The letter and the blog post was then picked up by, which gives writers the power to publish any nonsense whatsoever under the disguise of “news” without the journalistic or ethical training to, you know, detect a farce.

But apparently, the Examiner lent the story enough credibility to fool BuzzFeed, Queerty and the Huffington Post.

The HuffPost even reprinted more contentious statements from the fan blog. “Many gay men listened to [Madonna], had unsafe sex, and contracted AIDS. They died. They were so stupid to listen to such a slut that their death was karma.” You hear that, Keith Haring! It’s your fault you got AIDS because you hung out with that crazy ho Madonna back in the 80s (pictured right).

Are you fucking kidding me? If you’re going to use that as a quote in your story, then you fucking better make sure to attribute those words to a first and last name, not to just a link on an anonymous website. You are basically corroborating crap.

Here are more questions my journalism professors would have asked:

1. How is it possible that one unofficial fan blog has the authority to speak for the entire Little Monsters fan community?

2. Wait, isn’t this the same blog that sparked the Osbourne/Gaga feud by writing that Kelly Osbourne should kill herself?

3. Was the letter ever even sent to GLAAD? Did anyone call them to confirm?

4. Don’t we have a moral responsibility to deny exposure to something as illogically vile as accusing a single artist of being responsible for the AIDS epidemic?

5. Are the pageviews worth my journalistic integrity?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world when you can post an outrageous letter that you intend to send to an organization on behalf of millions of people and have it eaten up by media sites. And they ate that shit up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just goes to show that you should never trust everything you read on a website that ends with blogspot, or really… any website whatsoever.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Don’t news websites loose so much credibility when they help spread bullshit like this?

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