2500 Steiner: The Most Exclusive Address in San Francisco

Welcome to 2500 Steiner, the 1920s palazzo overlooking Alta Vista Park, each floor home to a three-bedroom apartment. Besides housing some of the most wealthy people in San Francisco, 2500 Steiner is also a stronghold of the Democratic Party. When Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House in 2006, a quarter of the residents were present and included as “family.”

Not surprisingly, the home of some of the country’s leading Democratic financial supporters has hosted several dinners in support of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. When these high-rolling fundraisers happen, the candidate in question gets to stay in the guest room.

It will be interesting to see how 2500 Steiner will be getting ready for the possibility of a Hillary Clinton ticket in 2016.

Read more about the building’s connections to national politics in this San Francisco Chronicle story, citing how Democratic candidates start at the penthouse and “ascend the tower collecting cash, floor to floor.”


Oscar Raymundo
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