Drink Like an American President This Inauguration

Err’body in the Oval Office gettin’ tipsy.

Just in time for Obama’s second inauguration this weekend, the Round Robin Bar in Washington D.C. has created a presidential-themed cocktail menu. The 44 cocktails, one for each American chief executive, range from $5 to $15 and combine historical anecdotes with presidential preferences. Here is a sampling:

Barack Obama – BLUE HAWAIIAN, Combines the president’s penchant for aged Tequila and the cool blue waters of the Pacific.  Features aged Tequila, Curacao and fresh lime juice.

William J. Clinton – TANQUERAY Gin and Tonic a standard on the Washington cocktail circuit

Ronald Reagan – CALIFORNIA SPARKLING WINE, Introduced to Washingtonians at his first Inaugural

Jimmy Carter – ALCOHOL FREE WHITE WINE, Served, much to the dismay of the fourth estate, throughout his four years in the White House.

Richard M. Nixon – BACARDI RUM and COKE, Dick would relish mixing and stirring, for his guests aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia.

John F. Kennedy – BEEFEATER MARTINI, up with olives served regally in the White House to those in the good graces of America’s “Camelot.”

Harry S. Truman – MAKER’S MARK and SODA, An aficionado of Kentucky’s finest, both he and Bess enjoyed this long-drink while playing poker at the White House.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – PLYMOUTH GIN MARTINI, “oh… so cool, so clean, so awfully civilized!” Often scolded by Eleanor for his penchant for the highball, this elegant elixir was served at the most important political party in DC; the Cocktail Party.

Herbert Hoover – LONG ISLAND ICED TEA.  Prohibition conscious imbibers relished this enticing tall drink, which contained everything on the bar except “the kitchen sink”.

Calvin Coolidge – CRANBERRY JUICE and SODA.  A gentle New England tonic to fortify one’s Puritan constitution.

Theodore Roosevelt – WARD 8, Politically-charged concoction, brought to D.C.  by “Big Stick” Republicans from New York.

Abraham Lincoln – APPLE CIDER, Although known to have acquired a taste for corn whiskey  in his earlier years, fresh pressed apple juice would revive his constitution.

Franklin Pierce – OACHTEL, This nectar of the Aztec Gods was discovered by the hero of the Mexican War and introduced , first in New England, then in Washington DC.

James K. Polk – JACK DANIELS and WATER, Tennessee ‘walkin’ whiskey is served as a manifest premonition of our nation’s destiny in 1850.

John Tyler – SOUTHERN STYLE MINT JULEP, Henry Clay mentored our 10th Chief Executive in the fine art of building this compromisingly elegant elixir. 

James Monroe – SHERRY COBBLER, This cool long drink is often called America’s first cocktail, popularized during the Revolution.

James Madison – FRENCH CHAMPAGNE, First Lady “Dolly” loved all things fashionable and French.

Thomas Jefferson – MERITAGE RED WINE, Our third president learned to love French wine while in Paris in the 1780’s.

George Washington – MADEIRA WINE, Our first chief executive favored Malmsey, a fortified wine from this Mediterranean Isle. He was also partial to fruit brandies and Rye Whiskey, which he distilled at Mount Vernon.

Want a taste of one of these or many other presidential cocktails? Visit the Round Robin Bar at the historic Willard InterContinental hotel in D.C.

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  • 44 Presidential drinks « FortLeft

    […] Drink Like an American President This Inauguration (confessionsofaboytoy.wordpress.com) […]

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