Event: Reading About Being ‘Born This Way’ at Books, Inc in the Castro

Paul Vitagliano, creator of the hyper-popular Born This Way blog, has recently released a compilation book of some of the most endearing and inspiring tales of queer childhood. The book features submissions by Barney Frank, Michael Musto, Mike Ruiz, Sia, HuffPost editor Noah Michelson, journalist Matt Baume and Unicorn Booty co-founder Kevin Ferrell, whom I interviewed for this Burning Man story.

I was originally asked to be included in the book as well, but I was in Bangkok at the time and didn’t get a chance to find a good enough photo. Regardless, Paul has invited me to read my submission next Thursday at Books, Inc. in the Castro. Greg Zhovreboff, who was instrumental in helping me start the Magnet Book Club, will also be reading his submission, so I’m looking forward to that. Won’t you join us?

And as you can see, I have now found tons of photos for the book sequel.

‘Born This Way’ in San Francisco: Thursday, January 17 at 7:30pm at Books, Inc. in the Castro.

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