Polka Dot Perfection: Artist Yayoi Kusama’s Collection for Louis Vuitton

One day after work I walked by the Louis Vuitton store near Union Square, and I was instantly drawn by their new window display, monstrous one-eyed flowers and oversized red and dotted tentacles sprawling from the ground and window ceiling to grasp on to one or two accessories, like sunglasses or a purse.

Turns out the eye-grabbing display was inspired by 83-year-old Japanese pop artist Yayoi Kusama who created a collection of accessories for the fashion brand this Fall. The photo above is from the Fifth Avenue store in New York City, had a big celebration event with Kusama herself, as well as a lifelike wax replica.

Kusama permanently on display.

The Kusama collection for Louis Vuitton.

The collection includes this gold minaudière, inspired by one Kusama’s pumpkin sculptures. With a price tag of $133,430, this is considered one of the most expensive handbags ever created.


The Louis Vuitton store in Selfridges also went through an bombastic dotted makeover.

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