Jasiu Krajewski’s Boy Toys Recline Across Cultural Art Forms

The well-traveled artist Jasiu Krajewski has incorporated different artistic techniques employed around the world in his Boy Series. His fit figures are penciled using the classical European male form but reside in a Japanese surrealist sensibility.

Much like David King’s anachronistic compositions, Krajewski’s work is a dream composed of opposites: futuristic yet retro, powerful yet delicate.

More about Jasiu from his website: He apprenticed with potter Dennis Cooper in Tuscarrora, Nevada, studied printmaking in Japan, still life painting in Poland and taught ceramics in Kauai, Hawaii.

In Milan he worked for Ettore Sottsass Associates Architects as well as for Frank Gehry in Los Angeles.

His work has been influenced by extensive visits to Poland, Greece, Japan and India.

Jasiu’s paintings employ techniques based on the ancient craft of scroll mounting and sumi-e painting.

The boy with the heart is my absolute favorite.

Oscar Raymundo
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