Press: ‘Bay Area Reporter’ on My ‘Queer Sex & Tech’ Panel Appearance

The BAR sent a wonderful writer to cover the hooking up panel in which I participated this summer at the GLBT History Museum. I had the honor of speaking next to historian Martin Meeker and Berkeley professor Juana Maria Rodriguez (who is my soul sister after writing “Confessions of a Latina Cyberslut” hello!)

Reporter Peter Hernandez (a self-affirmed “boy toy” fan) wrote:

“You can get a blowjob as easy as you can get a pizza delivered,” said Oscar Raymundo, the youngest panelist and blogger at Queerty and He offered a critical perspective on Grindr and Scruff, criticizing the rapid growth of virtual hook-up websites seen in developments like Grindr’s recent expansion to 100 employees, and questioning the legitimacy of online dating.

Raymundo also read from his upcoming novel titled Confessions of a Boy Toy, in which a forebodingly-titled biotech app called Stalkr replaces Grindr, and in which physical connections are often limited to a handshake that grades the romantic chemistry between two people.

The importance of “living in the moment” and embracing the tangible, physical world seeped into each panelist’s musings…

Read the entire story at eBar.

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