Thailand Travelogue: Chiang Mai’s Night Market and Lively Dinner at the Tamarind Village

Earlier this year the Tourism Authority of Thailand invited me to come visit the country and create our first ever Asian guide for GayCities. The phenomenal travel connoisseur Carlos Melia took me, YouTuber Davey Wavey and colleagues from Pink Triangle Press, Passport magazine and dot429 around Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle region showing us the shiniest gems Thailand has to offer. The following travelogue retraces more highlights from my fifth day there.

Night Market in Chiang Mai

The first thing we did after settling in Chiang Mai was to take a stroll through the evening/night market. Located right in the city’s historic district every Sunday, the market is a big attraction for travelers and locals alike.

Tamarind Village Chiang Mai

For dinner Carlos took us to the onsite restaurant of the Tamarind Village, a boutique hotel which lies somewhat hidden off the main market road.

Matt from Pink Triangle Press, our guide Carlos and Bill from dot429.

Me, Davey Wavey and Stuart from Passport magazine.

During dinner a guest at the Village overheard our wine-induced conversation and joined us to talk about his experience as a gay expat in Thailand, how a big gay expat community had formed in the beach town of Patpong, also known for its drinks-on-the-street party scene, lude anything-goes “entertainment” and the young Thai boys looking for love in all the right wallets.

“We heard Patpong was kind of trashy…” I interjected.

“You’re wrong,” he said matter of fact. “It’s very trashy.”

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