Jake Shears’ Most Ridiculous Instagram Photos

To all intents and purposes, Jake Shears is a rock star. And apparently all rock stars look mighty good sweating onstage. The Scissor Sisters are currently on tour and just released Magic Hour, my favorite songs being “Keep Your Shoes On,” “Fuck Yeah,” “Somewhere” and the epic dance jam “Let’s Have a Kiki.”

Front man Shears has been getting lots of heat recently, ever since getting really, really hot – as documented by his Instagram account. The image above had the accompanying caption: “Life is hard.” But judging from the look of those stripped swim briefs, it doesn’t look that hard at all.

From Jake Himself

What do you mean you look ridiculous?

“Pretty Picture Party” – Kylie Minogue (Feat. Jake Shears)

Well you know what they say: You can take Disneyland out of the fairy but you can’t take the fairy out of Disneyland.

From Fans

mrkylieminogue shares Exhibit A. But really, can’t you just imagine these two throwing themselves “Pretty Picture Parties”? What do you think they listen to? Cindy Lauper? Blondie?

everydaymonocles gives us a show shot. Yes, boys, that man is wearing a motherfucking mesh tank top.

jdurban: How butch.

parkerelizabeth: Mary, Fuck or Kill?

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