Madonna Boy Toys Strike Her Pose

Madonna once pissed off a bunch of drag queens by declaring, “it takes a real man to fill my shoes.” Well…

NEXT, a French fashion magazine, had the balls to replicate Madonna’s most iconic looks with gorgeous male models. Making thanks to Matt at Boy Culture for bringing this to my attention.

For the record: I am a very respectful Madonna fan. Which I guess might be uncommon for my age group. But I mean, c’mon, the very title of this blog is an amalgamation of two Madonna motifs.

I was born during the “Get Into the Groove” phase, and I like to think that it infused me with a dance maniac, free spirt with an appreciation for thrift shops. Coming of age in the Confessions era, Madonna’s music certainly elevated nightlife to epic proportions, comparable to a faux religious experience.

As an artist, Madonna has high standards but works very hard to achieve them. There is something very commendable about an artist who has a very clear vision of what she wants, doesn’t sleep until it’s executed flawlessly and sets the bar so high along the way.

During the early 90s Madonna was the only figure in pop culture who pushed the boundaries in terms of redefining what was considered sexually explicit art.

And even now, her over-the-top (some might say, desperate) attempts and stunts to recapture the spotlight has the public arguing about what it means to age gracefully. Yes people, fifty-year-olds still have nipples.

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