San Francisco’s Most Absurd Pride Party Ever

While most of my friends were striking a pose at Juanita More’s double-venue Pride party at 620 Jones and The Phoenix or dancing eccentric to Hard French DJs at SOMArts, I settled for paying no cover at Rebel, my friendly neighborhood after-hours gay club.
Luckily and unbeknownst to us, Pollo Del Mar had a full-blown drag show planned that day while people mingled in the back patio next to a kiddie pool. On that sunny Sunday, Rebel attracted a wild variety of folks, all seeking a quick fix refuge en route from the Civic Center to the Castro. The drag queens were fierce, the crowd was incredibly eclectic and the overall atmosphere was joyous. It was one of the most fun I’ve had at the club. Just goes to show that sometimes the best experiences in life are the ones you blindly stumble upon.

Girls Gone Wilde

Pollo took some time to address the fact that there was an undressed woman in the crowd.

Femmes simulate cunnilingus on the pole before the drag show starts.


I’d love this bitch Jenna Talia to be my personal trainer.

Christina Aguilera took some time out of her none busy schedule to waggle her hand at us via Megan Pixel.

Becky Motorlodge showed up as Lady Gaga singing a Nicki Minaj song before transforming into…


Peek-a-boo! I see The Princess from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Dollar makes her holler.

Strike a Pose

Pollo makes her teenage slaves wear her merchandise.

“Are you sure this is the Sierra Club member’s brunch, Meredith?”

Straight high schoolers from Orinda reveling in the fact there was no bouncer checking ID’s at the door.

Hottie Alert

It’s Cody! Only the best bartender in the city.


Only in San Francisco do you see a nude woman in sailor accessories dancing with a man in a trenchcoat and lingerie. I felt like I was in one of Stefon’s favorite nightclubs from SNL’s Weekend Update.

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