From the Cutting Room Floor: Kinky Sex Positions on ‘Miss Advised’

A couple of months ago, Denys and I attended a launch party for Emily Morse‘s new book Hot Sex. Emily is also the star of the new reality show, Miss Advised, which premiered last night on Bravo. Emily’s book launch party was used as footage fodder in the pilot, and although the conversation I had with Denys about kinky heterosexual baby-making positions ended up mostly on the cutting room floor, we did get a quick line.

Oscar: I’ve never done that.
Denys: Her face just literally disappeared into his a******.

Little unknown fact: Denys was voted most likely to appear on reality TV back in high school. We are currently hoping to turn this star-making one-liner into a permanent hosting gig alongside Kelly Ripa.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be? Are you afraid it would be edited in a way that would tarnish your reputation?

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