Future Father’s Day Playlist: Remember When We Both First Found the World Is Sound

Hot Chip – “Motion Sickness”

You often hear of our friends having an appreciation for The Beatles or the Rolling Stones largely in part because they grew up listening to them at home. My younger brothers have a similar liking for Queen and Pink Floyd, even though they are generations away from those bands’ heyday.

Among other things, we inherit our cultural taste initially from our parents, before our peers pressure us otherwise. Families help form our first life soundtracks, and if we’re lucky those sounds follow us as we branch out to press play on our own lives.

When I grow ready to raise my own family, I know I will be unsure of a lot of things: choosing between public schools, wardrobe and sugary snacks. One thing I already know for sure, though, is my family soundtrack. My children will grow up listening to Hot Chip. Consider them an vital part of my future Father’s Day Playlist.

Oscar Raymundo
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