I’ll Build a Rocket and I’ll Fly to Space, Just So That I Can Touch Your Picture Perfect Face

Charli XCX — “I’ll Never Know”

I took a look into your ocean heart
And ever since I stumble through the dark
I’m like a moth attracted to a flame
‘Cause since we’ve met you know I’ve never been the same

Oh I’m like a tiger but in black and blue
‘Cause all my bruises running all for you
I wonder if you’ll ever known my name
I wonder if we’ll ever, ever meet again
What if I see you alone on the pavement?
Will my heart freeze? Will the sun melt down my bones?
‘Cause when I think of you my fingers are quicksand
I want to hold you close
I’ll never know

I’m searching deserts and the morning skies
Just to stare into your diamond eyes
I’ll build a rocket and I’ll fly to space
Just so that i can touch your picture perfect face

I wonder if you’d do the same for me
Or would you stay there and just let me be?
And all my blood will drip the color gold
‘Cause that’s the love that runs for you within my soul

Oscar Raymundo
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