Go-Go Boy Tell-All: ‘Shaking It Is My Ministry’

I get to see the drag queens perfecting their tuck game in the back of the club and watch drunken one night stands spring to life on the dance floor. Some friends make fun of my new side gig, saying my nurse-slash-exotic dancer existence is like the plot line of a low budget indie film. To my Southern Baptist family back home, I tell them that God blessed me with a bountiful butt, and shaking it is my ministry. To my medical colleagues, I tell them that with the stress of literally holding someone’s life in my hands all day, it’s comforting to think some people fantasize about holding parts of me in their hands all night.
— Will Wikle, Sugarland dancer and former Big Brother contestant, gives Paper magazine all the dirt from on top of the go-go boy perch.

Oscar Raymundo
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