How a Gay Love Story Went Viral

The video is universal. The fight for equality is happening all over the world, as people in same-sex relationships try to prove their relationships are as valid and deserving as the rest of those in our various societies. Further, the video is simple and has a message most people can connect with — gay or straight.

Paul McKay, spokesperson for GetUp!, opened up to The Advocate to explain why his organization’s video has reached such popularity all over the world.

With nearly 3 million views on YouTube, the heartwarming It’s Time video is quite possibly the “most-watched gay marriage ad of all time.” Part of the video’s charm is perhaps because it follows recent research that suggests people are more likely to support same-sex marriage if viewed in similar terms.

According to Third Way, depictions of gay marriage as a “public promise of lifetime commitment” as supposed to a list of legal rights and benefits are more likely to get support. After all, marriage goes beyond just joint taxes. To get a better sense of that, watch the GetUp!’s video.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Why do you think this video has melted  the hearts of so many? And doesn’t the “dreamy husband” eerily resemble Jasson?

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