First Read: The Novelization of ‘Confessions of a Boy Toy’

And just like that – I’m back!
This summer I was asked to be a part of the Lambda Literary reading panel at LitCrawl, the bar crawl which takes place on Valencia Street to celebrate the end of Litquake. I was initially thinking of whipping out something from my completed, yet unrevised manuscript, The Pride, but just in the last couple of weeks I have been exploring the possibility of turning this very blog into a novel, an idea I was advised would be “very intriguing to publishers.”

So on with the overly emotive retellings of my otherwise lackluster lovelife… I will be reading new material from the novelization of Confessions of a Boy Toy at Viracocha on Saturday, October 15 (that’s tomorrow!) If you’re in the Bay Area, I’d love to see you and catch up in real-life. Plus, you’ll be among the first people to listen to the first chapter of the novel based on this blog!

I will continue to bring you updates here about process of going from blog to book: writing, editing, revising, sending out to friends, reaching out to authors, more revising, and setting out to find the right agent and publisher. Then doing press and other publicity and promotions, events and readings, putting all the pieces of the book publishing puzzle together. Hooray!

Also expect to see a collection of artifacts that inspire me to write an engaging story. Plus my occasional random ramblings about (real) life, (true) love, and (good) sex from a former Boy Toy perspective. Just like the good old days.

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