GayCities Launch Party: How I Almost Got Kicked Out of Badlands

Have you ever wondered where the party is at? I’m kind of picky as to which bars and clubs I patron. I like to do my extensive research before a night out to make sure I’m not going to waste my time and money. The problem is I don’t trust the management (smokin’ hot party gallery) or the masses ( and most places won’t let you take a sneak peek at the scene unless you cough up the cover.

That’s what I like about the new GayCities iPhone application (disclosure: I’m a contributor at A hybrid between Grindr and Foursquare – this app let’s you “check-in” at any of the gay-friendly establishments all over the world and “check-out” other members who are at the same venue, ordering a drink or dancing in a cage.

A couple of weeks ago, the co-founders of the gay travel site/social network threw a launch party to reveal the new application at Trigger. Using the club’s video projection system, they were able to broadcast the usernames and profile photos of the people “checking-in” to the party. I’m sworn to secretly not to reveal anything else – but this software opens up crazy opportunities to make our nights out in the gayborhood more… memorable.

Speaking of memorable nights: after the launch party at Trigger (open bar provided by Blue Angel Vodka), two friends and I stumbled out down Castro to Badlands. Why? Did I mention the open bar? Badlands was… bad. Crowded, foreign, creepy. And rude! Walking toward the exit, this really tall guy got bumped into and poured his drink all over me. From top to bottom, I felt it in slow motion. Immediately, I tapped him on the shoulder to voice my complaint. All I wanted was an apology. But Rudeboy tried to brush me off by offering to buy me a drink. So I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the bar, and ordered the drink he was going to buy for me.

Of course, they don’t serve St. Germain cocktails at Badlands, so then I ordered, “THE MOST EXPENSIVE DRINK YOU CAN MAKE ME!” But when I turned around, I noticed that Rudeboy had fled! So I walked up to his much shorter friend and dropped my heavy hand on his shoulder, “I’m not letting you go until we find your friend.” A stumpy guy in those horrible green Badlands shirts approached us and I don’t really remember what happened, just that he looked really scared and felt the need to tell me to “cool it off.” I just wanted an apology!

But noooo! I’m the crazy one. Whatever happened to decency in this town?

Photos: Jon Rivera

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